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Korean Enoki Mushroom Pancake

Korean enoki mushroom pancakes (Paeng-ee beoseot jeon, 팽이버섯전) are a perfect side dish for a mushroom lover! They are loaded with savoury flavour and crisp texture and are really easy to make !

Typically enoki mushrooms are added in soups and in stir fry dishes, but turning them into a bite sized pancakes / mushroom omelettes / mushroom patties / mushroom fritters, whatever you would like to call, is also very popular in Korea.
Anyway, they are very easy and simple to make! And it gives you a similar sensation of chewing some types of meat, so it can be a good vegetarian food. I hope you enjoy them too!


·         1 pack enoki mushrooms (200 g / 7 ounces), woody stems removed, rinsed and pat dried with kitchen paper
·         2 Tbsp all purpose flour (or rice flour)
·         1 tsp sesame oil
·         2 extra large eggs , beaten
·         20 g small carrot (0.7 ounces), finely diced
·         10 g onion (0.4 ounces), finely diced
·         5 g garlic chives (or green onions)(0.2 ounces), finely chopped
·         1/8 tsp fine sea salt (or more to taste)
·         A few sprinkles ground black pepper
·         Some cooking oil (I used rice bran oil)


1.    Roughly separate the main cluster of the enoki mushrooms. Place them onto a large clean plate and sprinkle the flour and sesame oil onto the mushrooms. Then roll the mushrooms around using chopsticks to coat the flour and sesame oil on its surface thoroughly.
2.    Combine the beaten eggs, chopped vegetables, salt and black pepper in a mixing bowl then mix them well. Add the flour coated enoki mushrooms into the bowl and soak up the seasoned egg and vegetable mixture.
3.    Pre-heat a pan / skillet over medium heat. Once heated, add the cooking oil and spread it thinly.
4.    Scoop out spoonfuls of the enoki mushrooms mixture using chopsticks or spoon, whichever is easier for you. (Make sure to mix the egg and vegetables mixture onto the mushrooms often to evenly use it up.) Cook the mushrooms until they turn brown then turn them over. When both sides are cooked, remove from the heat.
5.    Repeat the step 4 with the remaining ingredients. (Make sure you add some cooking oil between the batches to avoid burn). It should result in about 20 small sized pancakes.
Serve the enoki mushroom pancakes with Korean pancake dipping sauce. (Pancakes can be served hot or cold but we prefer serving them hot.)


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