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Easy Japanese Strawberry Shortcake (Light & Moist)

I love cottony, moist and light strawberry shortcake and I really want to make this cake in no time. This cake is done in a day and serve after few hours. Yummilicious! 

Lest Get Started on a Simple Shortcake

What is Japanese Strawberry Shortcake?

Japanese strawberry shortcake is a layered sponge cake with a strawberry and whipped cream filling, and whipped cream frosting.  Unlike the American concept of strawberry shortcake , there are normally sweet biscuits/scones topped with strawberries and whipped cream.
Components you need:
  • sponge cake
  • cream Chantilly
  • fresh strawberries

Sponge (Egg separation method):

  • 4 egg yolks
  • 20g castor sugar
  • 60g Liddells lactose free milk( or any milk)
  • 40g vegetable oil
  • 80g cake flour
  • 20g corn flour
  • 4 egg whites
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
  • 70g castor sugar

1)Whisk egg yolks and 20g of castor sugar.
2)Mix in oil and milk to well combine.
3)Sift in all flours and mix well.
4)In a  clean bowl:Beat egg whites and cream of tartar until foamy,add in castor sugar in 2 additions and keep beating it on high speed until soft peak achieved.
5)Fold in 1/3 of meringue(a) into yolk mixture from step (3) to well combined, then fold in the remaining meringue to well combine without deflating the volume.
6)Pour into a prepared 10″ X 14″ baking tray lined with baking paper.Bake at preheat oven of 170C for 20 minutes or until it springs back when press in, depending on individual oven.
7)Once baked, remove pan from oven and invert onto a new sheet of baking paper. Allow to cool.
8)Once cooled, peel off the baking paper and cut out 4 pieces of 5″ circle discs.
9)Wash strawberries, dry it and slice thinly.
10)Prepare the cream chantilly.

(a)what is meringue? Meringue means  egg whites and castor sugar are beaten to airy texture with alot of air pockets trapped inside.Usually to double or tripled of volume.
(b)Always remember when folding meringue into yolk mixture,it has to be done slowly and gently without deflating the air pockets, usually by using spatula to fold from bottom to upwards in slow motion until both mixture are well combined without any trace of meringue has been seen. Deflating the air pockets will not produce a well risen cake as result.
(c)You can bake this sponge at 180C for 15 minutes.For my sponge to achieve cottony , airy and moist texture,  adjust to 170C for 20 minutes until golden brown and spring back when lightly press in.Thetemperature sometimes greatly  depend on individual oven.(watch your oven temperature)

Cream Chantilly:

  • 250g Bulla whipping cream ( or any dairy whipping cream)
  • 2 tbsp of castor sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla paste ( or vanilla essence )
1)Beat cream, sugar and vanilla paste together until thickened or firm peak formed.
2)Spoon 1 cup of cream into piping bag with round nozzle attached.Chill in fridge.


  • some strawberries, sliced thinly
  • cream chantilly
  • sponge
1)Place 1st piece of sponge onto your rotating cake stand or just table.
2)Spread some cream on the sponge, and arrange strawberries onto the cream.
3)Top up with 2nd piece sponge, spread some cream and arrange strawberries onto the cream.
4)Repeat step (3).Finally cover with last piece of sponge.
5)Frost your entire cake with cream chantilly.
6)Pipe some cream with tear drop shapes around the edges of the cake, top up with some sliced strawberries.

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