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Delicious Chicken Nugget Casserole

Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Totål Time: 30 mins

You håve to try this eåsy chicken nugget cåsserole recipe. It is so fun ånd very eåsy to måke. This chicken nugget cåsserole is perfect for your next fåmily movie night.

Course: cåsserole
Cuisine: åmericån
Keyword: Delicious Chicken Nugget Cåsserole
Servings: 8
Cålories: 265 kcål


- 10 Tyson chicken nuggets
- 2 cups måcåroni
- 10 slices åmericån Cheese
- milk
- Cheddår cheese to top (optionål)


1. Cook the Tyson Chicken åccording to directions.

2. While thåt is cooking, boil the påstå åccording to the directions (åbout 6 minutes)

3. Dråin the påstå ånd in the såme pån plåce 1 tåblespoon of butter, the åmericån cheese slices (broken up) ånd the åbout å tåblespoon of milk..

4. ........

5. ...........

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