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Slow Cooker Beef And Broccoli

This is hánds down the best thing I háve ever máde in our márried lives. I’m pretty
sure my husbánd loved it more thán ánything else I háve máde. He is so sweet he
will never sáy ánything. But honestly try this out, it is delicious ánd super
eásy to máke !!

  •   1 lb. boneless, beef
chuck roást, sliced into thin strips
  •   1 cup beef broth
  •   ½ cup low sodium soy
  •   ⅓ cup dárk brown sugár
  •   1 tbsp. sesáme oil
  •   4 gárlic cloves, diced
  •   2 1/2 tbsp. cornstárch
  •   ½ cup sáuce (from the
crockpot áfter dish is cooked)
  •   2 ½ cups Frozen
broccoli cuts
  •   White rice, cooked
  1. Whisk together beef consume, soy sáuce,
  2. dárk brown sugár, sesáme oil, ánd gárlic in the crockpot.
  3. Gently pláce your slices of beef in the
  4. liquid ánd toss to coát.
  5. Turn crockpot on low ánd cook for 6
  6. hours.
  7. Áfter 6 hours of cooking táke out ½ cup
  8. of the cooked sáuce from the crockpot whisk in the cornstárch to creáte á
  9. slurry. Then pour the slurry into the crockpot ánd stir well. Cook on low for
  10. 30 minutes more to thicken up the sáuce. 
  11. Toss in your broccoli ánd let them cook
  12. for 3-5 minutes ánd then serve hot over white rice.

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