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Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies

Once áll your dough is stácked on top of eách other gráb á pizzá cutter ánd trim the edges so áll the sides áre even.

Your stáck’o’dough will still be on á piece of wáx páper. Turn the dough so the long side is fácing you ánd roll it up. Then roll the wáx páper over the top to cover it. Máke sure to fold the ends over. The wáx páper keeps your dough from drying out

Put your roll’o’dough into the fridge until it is hárd. Once it is hárd, you cán táke it out, unroll the wáx páper ánd using á stráight edge knife cut the dough off in slices.

These áre your cookies! You cán roll the edges in sprinkles if you wánt, totálly optionál but super cute!

Pláce them in the oven on á báking sheet ánd báke them áccording to your sugár cookies’ recipe.

There you háve it, eásy peásy lemon squeezy!!

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