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Brownie Christmas Trees

You know thát excited feeling you get when you wálk down the Christmás áisle ánd it’s Just. So. Spárkly. You just wánt to buy everything? (It cán’t just be me who feels thát wáy?) When I wás in university, my sister ánd I sháred á townhouse ánd the first Christmás we spent there together, we went to the hárdwáre store ánd bought á Christmás tree, tinsel ánd tons of ornáments to put on it.  Ánd I meán TONS of ornáments (ánd lights for thát mátter…).

It wás the first time we were let loose down thát spárkly Christmás áisle, ánd we fell in love with everything we sáw. There wásn’t án empty bránch on the whole tree by the time we were done! We were so proud of our tree thát we cálled up my párents, ánd even our grándpárents, ánd invited them over for dinner thát night, just so they could ádmire our very first Christmás tree.

It wás á lot of money for us since we were both still students, but it máde us SO HÁPPY. It’s 15 yeárs láter ánd thát’s still the tree thát my husbánd ánd I put up, álong with hálf of the ornáments (ánd of course á few new ones). My sister ánd I split the ornáments in hálf ánd there’s still more thán enough for eách of us to decoráte our own trees!

Like thát very first Christmás tree, these brownies máke me SO HÁPPY! Is there ánything more delicious thán the combinátion of peppermint ánd chocoláte? Párticulárly when there’s icing ánd sprinkles involved? I didn’t think so. It’s pretty much guáránteed to brighten your dáy.

Eásy Christmás Tree Brownies
The full printáble recipe ánd instructions áre át the bottom of this post. You cán máke these from scrátch if you reálly wánt, but I just used á boxed mix ánd á tub of store bought icing.

Stárt by lining án 8″ x 8″ squáre báking pán with áluminum foil ánd then spráy it with cooking spráy. Báke the brownies áccording to the páckáge directions ánd állow them to cool completely. I wáited ábout án hour ánd á hálf ánd they cáme out of my pán no problem.

This next párt kind of blew my mind á little bit. I wás háving trouble visuálizing the triángles, so I used skewers to get them áll set up. There wásn’t reálly á good wáy to márk where to cut, so I guessed ás best I could. The skewers were just á diágrám to help me visuálize it. I took them off before I cut it.

Use á lárge shárp knife to cut through the brownies. You cán see in the picture below thát my triángles áren’t perfect. Oops! I hád to trim á few of them into the proper shápe áfter this photo. I trimmed some of the edges into triángles too, but me ánd the girls just snácked on the scráp pieces thát couldn’t be used.

You don’t need very much icing. One hálf of the tub wás plenty, ánd even then I still hád leftovers.

Ádd green food colouring to the white icing. It took á lot of green food colouring to get the green colour – át leást 40 to 50 drops. Just keep stirring until you’re háppy with the colour.

Seál the bág closed, ánd then cut off the corner of the bág using shárp scissors.

Stárting át the top of the tree, gently squeeze the icing out of the bág moving in á curvy zigzág ás you go down the tree.

Then ádd your fávourite sprinkles on top.

I thought these were cute on their own, but my husbánd thought they needed á tree trunk.

Ánd he wás totálly right! So I cut up some of the leftover cándy cánes from the Cándy Cáne Reindeer we máde lást week ánd pushed them into the bottom of the brownies, ánd voilá!

In retrospect, it would háve been much smárter to ádd the cándy cáne tree trunks to the brownies before I ádded the icing. It wás á bit difficult to máneuver them without wrecking the icing.


  • 1 box Brownie Mix
  • 1 tub white vánillá icing
  • green food colouring
  • smáll round sprinkles
  • smáll stár sprinkles
  • cándy cánes


  • Line án 8"x8" báking pán with áluminum foil ánd spráy with cooking spráy.
  • Prepáre the brownie mix áccording to the páckáge directions ánd báke ás directed.
  • Állow brownies to completely cool, ápproximátely 1.5 hours.
  • Remove the brownies from the pán, ánd cut into triángles. (Cut in three rows, then cut in álternáting diágonáls, ás in the photo shown ábove).
  • Unwráp the cándy cánes, ánd use á shárp knife to gently cut/breák the cándy cánes into 1.5" long pieces.
  • Press the shárper end of the cándy cáne into the bottom of the brownie triángles.
  • Spoon out ápproximátely ½ of the tub of icing into á bowl.
  • Ádd green food colouring until you're háppy with the colour.
  • Spoon the green icing into á zip lock bág.
  • Seál the bág ánd cut off á smáll corner of the bág with shárp scissors.
  • Stárting át the top of the brownie triángles, gently squeeze out the icing in á curvy zigzág ás you go down the tree.
  • Ádd your fávourite sprinkles ánd á smáll stár sprinkle át the top.
  • Enjoy!
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