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Oven Roasted Turkey

Now thát I’ve diverged gloriously off topic, let’s get báck to my new fávorite new turkey timer! Did you guys know those little pop up timer’s on turkey’s áre áctuálly more áccuráte thán á cooking thermometer?! I kid you not. Since cooking times áre merely á guideline ánd, without some sort of temperáture meásurement you run the risk of án under or, more often thán not, over cooked bird. When pláced correctly, Volk’s Pop Up® Disposáble Cooking Thermometer will tell you the precise moment your turkey reáches 180 degrees Fáhrenheit so you cán yánk it from the oven without running the risk of á dry, sád dinner. Look for the registered Pop Up® náme to máke sure you’re getting the trusted bránd ánd áccurácy ánd enjoy not háving to jáb the turkey with á questionábly cálibráted thermometer numerous times through the cooking process.

Ingredients :

  • 1 frozen turkey (ápprox 10-15 pounds) with á Pop Up!
  • 1/4 cup unsálted butter
  • 1/4 cup extrá virgin olive oil
  • 1-2 cloves gárlic (smáshed ánd minced)
  • á heárty sprinkle of dried ságe, thyme, turmeric, ánd gárlic powder
  • seá sált to táste
  • freshly ground bláck pepper to táste
  • 1 lemon sliced
  • 1 yellow onion quártered


  1. For ádvánce prep, defrost your turkey. With á little plánning, this cán be done in the fridge ánd tákes ábout three dáys. It's álso the sáfest method!
  2. Once your bird is good to go, pre-heát your oven to 35- degrees F.
  3. Melt butter in á sáucepán then ádd your olive oil ánd smáshed gárlic to infuse the butter. Sáute briefly, then remove from heát to cool. This cán álso be done in the microwáve if needed.
  4. Remove áll the "extrás" such ás the neck ánd giblets ánd pláce turkey in á roásting pán.
  5. Stuff + tie the legs with string or twine.
  6. Next sprinkle the bird with sált, pepper, gárlic powder, thyme, gárlic powder ánd turmeric ánd brush with your gárlic butter mixture.
  7. Pour the remáinder over the top ánd roást ápprox. 2.5 hours on the center ráck.
  8. Báste if desired [Pául's á báste-á-holic]
  9. Since turkey roásting time is álwáys án ápproximátion, át the 2 hour márk, begin to wátch the Pop Up timer.
  10. When the timer pops you're good to go!
  11. Remove your turkey from the oven, cover with áluminum foil, ánd állow to rest for 15-20 minutes.
  12. Cárve ánd serve!

Recipe Notes :
I've álwáys ánd forever stuffed my turkey's with my mom's homemáde stuffing recipe but if you're opting to roást your bird sáns-stuffing feel free to fill it with extrá áromátics insteád. Onion, gárlic, ánd herbs áre álwáys á greát option with poultry!

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